The TOP 5 Ways Faculty Can Support Student Activists

You want to jump up and shout because the students on your campus or the individuals in your community are calling out structural bias and even protesting, organizing, and making real headway against it.   Or you’re wondering what the hell is going on. Either way the young people need to be supported. Here are Read more about The TOP 5 Ways Faculty Can Support Student Activists[…]

Where Are the Brave White Teachers?

This is a picture of my neighbor’s front yard. I’ve watched his yard decorations go from an empty flagpole, to a Confederate and U. S. flag accompanied by a lawn jockey, to the addition of Trump political signs, and then the addition of a Trump mailbox cover, to what you’re seeing now: which is all Read more about Where Are the Brave White Teachers?[…]

The Feminine Pronoun Series #23: These Are the Times That Try Women’s Souls

In this week’s vlog I watched the democratic convention and spent time with the Hurston Hughes Scholars. HHS is a self organized group of black parents and teachers who read black literature and invite guests like me and fellow poet Cheeraz Gormon to share our work with them. Coincidentally, I was in the presence of Read more about The Feminine Pronoun Series #23: These Are the Times That Try Women’s Souls[…]

How to Grieve and Dream at the Same Time

This week’s vlog follows me through a day of workshop with the inimitable Bhanu Kapil.  Bhanu Kapil is a conceptual poet who recently worked for 15 years at the Jack Kerouac School of Disembodied Poetics. Sponsored by the Pulitzer Arts Center, this day long experience for metro area poets was named “How to Grieve While Read more about How to Grieve and Dream at the Same Time[…]

Why Don’t We Crave to See the Families of the Murdered Policemen in Dallas Forgive Micah Johnson?

As the country continues to grapple with the racialized gun violence of the past weeks, several issues of comparison can be explored and discussed.   This is a thought experiment. I have taken an article titled, “Families of Charleston Shooting Victims: “We Forgive You” written by Inae Oh and published on, and replaced the Read more about Why Don’t We Crave to See the Families of the Murdered Policemen in Dallas Forgive Micah Johnson?[…]

From the South Bronx to Southeast Europe

Today was the final day of the international debate education association (IDEA) program in Macedonia. The two tracks– visual art (graffiti)/comics and hip-hop/poetry – were responsible for presenting their final projects. Prior to DJ Goce’s arrival, I had taken the students through a series of lessons designed to help them write an activist mission statement, Read more about From the South Bronx to Southeast Europe[…]

Good Beats and Good Eats

Today we went “crate digging.”  The students in me and Dj Goce’s group all piled into taxis and went to the town center. There was an open air market where used books and used vinyl was being sold. This process has been really pleasurable and improvisational. The students then went on pick samples and beats Read more about Good Beats and Good Eats[…]

The Global Reach of Blackness

Today I presented about Fannie Lou Hamer. This is a presentation I’ve done many times now, but because of the audience it was quite different. Because the audience was European and specifically people from the Balkan Peninsula, I stopped much more frequently to explain terms. I spent time on “sharecropping” “Jim crow” and explaining why Read more about The Global Reach of Blackness[…]

“Friend is Worth More than a Dollar”

Today I rose super thankful for not having to sleep in the airport, and then slog through an eight hour flight, a two hour flight, and then a two and half hour drive . . . unwashed.   My grandmother used to say, “A friend is worth more than a dollar.”  Her reasoning being, if Read more about “Friend is Worth More than a Dollar”[…]

Mississippi Meets Macedonia

I am traveling to Macedonia in southeast Europe to lead some training for the IDEA organization.  The International Debate Education Association (IDEA) “gives young people a voice through education, debate and by raising their awareness about worldwide issues.” I will be serving as the expert/trainer in the areas of protest poetry and Hip Hop lyrics. Read more about Mississippi Meets Macedonia[…]