No, People of Color are Not Here to “Spice Things Up”

In the days after the killing of Michael Brown in Ferguson, Missouri, I posted the following on Facebook: “I wake up to a world where a black led group I was a part of told the white governor to his face: we don’t trust you. I wake up to a …

Ferguson and Whiteness

After the tragic killing of 20 young children and seven adults (including the killer’s mother) in Sandy Hook, Connecticut at Newtown Elementary, a group decided to create T-shirts emblazoned with the logo “Newtown Strong.” One can be certain that the idea arose as a show of solidarity and support to …

The FEMININE PRONOUN Series #9: Act Local; Think Global

In this episode I Skype into a classroom of gifted students at Stephens College in Columbia, Missouri.  I also support local businesses like Smiles by Design and Human Spaces and Afrosexology.  Along the way I manage to mother my magical brown babies and meet with the bad ass women in my comics reading group.  I'm acting locally, but thinking globally.  Life is good!

The FEMININE PRONOUN SERIES #2: Traveling Through Illinois to Read My Poetry

#2 in the FEMININE PRONOUN Series. This video is about Traveling Through Illinois to Read My Poetry. I am listed with Illinois Humanities as a “Road Scholar.” My book is available at via Argus House Press.      

The FEMININE PRONOUN Series #3 Do Catholics Do it Better?

Do Catholic Universities host poets better?  Well, they do very well, thank you:)  In this episode I read at Lewis University near Chicago, and share my "unlit bomb" philosophy.  It's #blackgirlmagic and some #blackboysorcery on full display!



The FEMININE PRONOUN Series #5 She Gets It From Her Daddy!


I didn't come up with this art centered life in a vacuum.  My dad Eugene B. Redmond, is poet laureate of East St. Louis, Illinois and the best man I know:)  Follow us around the St. Louis metropolitan as he accepts an ARCUS award, and we support other artists whom we love!

The FEMININE PRONOUN Series #6 “The World is Too Much With Me”

Follow me from my family's Friday fish fry, to my writing classroom, and into the metropolitan (East of St. Louis).  Why does my neighbor fly a confederate flag? Did his trailer come with a free one?  How does my dad continue to be so awesome?  These and many other questions are answered in episode number 6!

The FEMININE PRONOUN SERIES #7 That Moment You Feel the Bern

In this episode I speak pointedly about sexualized violence.  I spend some time with the Yeyo Arts collective, a woman centered space in St. Louis.  Later, I come to grips with my leap from the H. Clinton camp.  Thankfully my 15 year old son is there to hear me out.  I won't give it all away, but I give one of the world's greatest revolutionaries a kiss at the end.  You don't want to miss episode #7 in the FEMININE PRONOUN Series!