Here Are Five Lessons Your College-Bound Kid Can Learn in the Next 15 Days That Will Guarantee Them a College Acceptance Letter

Hi, my name is Treasure Shields Redmond and I help busy parents' college-bound students write extraordinary college entrance essays.

After nearly 20 years as a writing teacher, first in high school and then in college, I began helping students privately when I saw that there were many more students who could not just "get into college," but write their way to a #debtfreedegree if they had personalized help.

Eventually I founded a company I named Feminine Pronouns Consultants.

Just one of my clients has gotten into five colleges. 


But if you count the thousands of students I taught over a 20 year career, that translates into thousands of acceptance letters and scholarship award notifications.

Based on this success I created the Get The Acceptance Letter System. This is a five-part video series designed to help students write an extraordinary college entrance essay. Not just the kind that will "get you into college," but the kind that can also be used to write your way to a #debtfreedegree through lucrative scholarships totaling more than the cost of your college tuition.

YES! I Will Invest in My Kid's FUTURE!

These lessons can be completed at your own pace, and from the comfort of your own home. They will be delivered to any device, and can be accessed on the go.

Through my experiences I have learned that sitting in a class along with sometimes over 30 other students, does not provide the individualized help that most of us need in order to write the type of college entrance essay that will Get The Acceptance Letter. 

To add, as an experienced classroom teacher myself, I simply didn't have the time to devote to each student outside of the regular year's curriculum. 

Writing your college entrance essay is not a part of what is required during high school or, in the case of college students who want to write to transfer colleges or for additional scholarships, there is no class designed around these money generating tasks.

The Get The Acceptance Letter system is a cure for these problems:

*crowded classrooms,

*lack of individualized instruction, and

*no real intense attention paid to the writing of a college entrance essay.

The reality is there are people in college getting a #debtfreedegree right now.

Paying nothing right now.

And it's not because they had straight A's and a perfect SAT score. It's because they were able to write an extraordinary college entrance essay, and parlay an extraordinary piece of writing as part of a scholarship application as well.

The entire Get The Acceptance Letter course is fundamentally about YOUR KID achieving the choices, financial security, almost guaranteed employment, safety and debt-free life that they deserve. 

Who invests in the Get The Acceptance Letter system?

The vast majority of people who invest in the Get The Acceptance Letter system are the parents of college-bound teens who are in the 11th or 12th grade.

And they are usually saying one or all of the following things to me:

  • Professor Redmond, I am OVERWHELMED & CONFUSED by the college admissions process.

  • Professor Redmond, I am AFRAID I won't be able to afford college for my kids.

  • Professor Redmond, I believe college is for rich people or people with "certain last names."

  • Professor Redmond, I am not a college graduate, and I have no idea where to begin the process.

  • Professor Redmond, I am a college graduate but I don't have one more second of time to devote to properly helping my child get into college.

  • Professor Redmond, I am suffering now because I didn't go to college, and I'm afraid my child will repeat the cycle.

  • Professor Redmond, I am worried about my child's writing skills, and whether or not they can even make it in college.

  • Professor Redmond, I have a vision for my child's life that includes prosperity, health, and safety, and I know a college degree is an integral way for them to achieve that vision.


How does The Get The Acceptance Letter system benefit you?

With The Get The Acceptance Letter system, I solve all previously mentioned and other inter-related issues.

  • The Get The Acceptance Letter system provides a clear path to an extraordinary college entrance essay, removing all the confusion.

  • The Get The Acceptance Letter system teaches you how to create a slam dunk scholarship application essay as well that will essentially be a key to a treasure trove of financial awards that will more than pay for college.

  • The five module structure moves you from generating an idea to polishing the finished essay. It makes it very simple for your college bound screenager to create a piece of writing any admissions officer would be drawn to.

  • The Get The Acceptance Letter system also includes bonuses like a tutorial of how to get on the Common Application, the place where you can apply to almost 700 colleges in one place with one application fee. And even the application fee can be waived.

  • The Get The Acceptance Letter system eliminates the confusion, overwhelm, and gives your college-bound kid a set of lessons that can be rewound and played over and over again until they get it right.


Why choose the Get The Acceptance Letter system?

1. Comprehensive content.

I supply knowledge that normally takes an entire school year to learn all within one course.

2. Well structured.

These lessons are easily digestible and easy to implement. 

The course is structured in a five module system that is easily digestible bite-size chunks so you don't get overwhelmed. You can zoom through the course much faster if you like.

3. My coaching is underpinned by a real English professor.

I've taught in the Memphis city schools, the Shelby County schools, Memphis College of Art, Southwest Tennessee Community College, The University of Phoenix, Intercontinental University, Argosy University, Rust College, Washington University, and Southwestern Illinois College  I've taught online and held workshops in person. I am a master writing teacher, not to mention my bachelors and masters degrees.

This inspires a lot of confidence.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

How are these lessons delivered?

You receive the first lesson as soon as you pay in your email inbox. Each email contains a video introduction, lesson slide show, a lesson worksheet, and a bonus.  All you need is a working device whether it is a cell phone, tablet, laptop, or desktop. You will also need Internet access.

How often are the emails sent?

The course is designed to be completed in 15 days.  Each of the five lessons are sent via email every three days.

What if I want to do the lessons much faster?

Simply email me at and I will send you every lesson at once.

Do the lessons disappear once I open them? Do I own the lessons?

Yes! You own all of this material for a lifetime. You can reopen it, reuse it, and review it over and over again.

What do I do if there is some sort of glitch and my lessons won't load or I can't access them?

This would be highly unlikely, as the worksheets are in PDF format which is accessible on every type of device, and the videos are hosted on a video hosting website. As long as you have the link you will be able to access the videos.  All you need is a working device whether it is a cell phone, tablet, laptop, or desktop. You will also need Internet access. However, if there are any problems simply email me at

How do I pay for these lessons?

Once you click on any of the links or pictures above or below this FAQ, you will be asked to sign up, and confirm your decision using your email. If you do not receive a confirmation email, check your spam box.  Once you confirm that you signed up you will be taken to a link to pay. You must either have a PayPal account or a debit or credit card in order to pay.

I want to purchase these lessons, but I am certain I will need to talk with a teacher at least once. Should I still purchase these lessons?

Yes! You can add private consultation. You get one 30 minute call for FREE, and then you can pay a fee for more personalized help. Schedule your FREE 30 minute call here.

Research suggests a college graduate makes $1 million more over a lifetime and someone with just a high school diploma. Based on this knowledge, The Get The Acceptance Letter system is brimming with bonuses like a list of high dollar scholarships, and a tutorial that shows you how to get on the common application, the place where you can apply to over 700 colleges in one place for one fee.  And even the fee can be waived. There are also recommendation letter templates, college search cheat sheets and much, much more.

The value of this course was beautifully summed up by one client who got into five colleges when he said, " I worked with Ms. Redmond on my college essay, and I am currently accepted into the University of Tennessee, University of Missouri, University of Kansas, University of Memphis, and Louisiana State University." 

Here's to getting your child into college and having to pay nothing for it resulting in them starting out life with their best foot forward!


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