The Feminine Pronoun Series No. 20: #BLACKFATHERSMATTER

What is the secret to long life? In this video, I spend time with what is becoming an increasing rarity, an elderly black man in the person of my one and only "Daddy Dear," Eugene B. Redmond. He's giving longevity secrets (he's 78) and dropping jewels.

In the wake of the killings of Alton Sterling and Philando Castile, we are realizing that the culture of policing must change. To that end, a nationwide work strike called #StrikeForBlackLives is being planned. Slated to begin the day after labor day, and last the remainder of the week, #StrikeForBlackLives asks US to have AT LEAST ONE day of absence (Tuesday, September 6) which is the #BlackFolkOffDay. The remainder of the week can be taken off if you can RISK or AFFORD it. The minimum sacrifice is ONE DAY of work strike and ONE WEEK of economic boycott. We Can Do This!