The feminine Pronoun Series #24: The Winds They Are A’changing

You may think this sounds all "woo woo," but there is a spiritual shift in the universe. I think we all feel it. Even the violent images of black death to which we've been subjected, are harbingers of spiritual ills that need a strong medicine. In this episode I attend a retreat for women of color who are activists and healers (or both) in order to recenter, recharge, and strengthen eachother for what is inevitably to come. The retreat, named WIND AND WARRIOR, was held at The Flowering Lotus Meditation and Retreat center in Magnolia, Mississippi. It is a wonderful space that is centered around Buddhist practice and owned by a black woman. There were 24 of us from all over the country. We were Latina, Somali, and black women/spirits. We were writers, and yoga practitioners, and priests. We were working to help our communities, heal, navigate immigrant status, counter mass incarceration, respond to white supremacy and heal.

Do enjoy this journey with me!



    1. treasureshieldsredmond

      Hey Jesse, I’m glad you checked out the video. Caryl is such a sweetheart even though she got the CC connection wrong:) But we are both awesome poets.

      Love to you both,


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