Poetry in Spaces of Recovery

  I love the photo above because you can’t tell which hand is mine. Just like if I was standing together with these women in the Magdalene house, a safe place for women recovering from addiction and a life in the sex trade, (whether being trafficked or deploying their labor …

Vlog: The Feminine Pronoun Series: “I Contain Multitudes” (No. 34)

I titled this video "I Contain Multitudes, "as a nod to poet Walt Whitman's "Song of Myself."

I love the poem because it is an expansive celebration of the visceral kingdom, the body, pleasure, our mortal reality, and the justice of seeing everything as part of a converging whole.

I like to think of my life as one part of something bigger that is bending toward justice, and this is a vlog in the truest sense in that it follows me through my justice work that is informal (in the community), and formal (organized through a regional organization).

And of course, there's poetry! I get to judge an incredible student poetry slam organized through UrbanArts, a Missouri non-profit formed for the purpose of promoting arts, education, economics, and social services. Check them out HERE. 

Also, I am once again witness to my the best poet I know.

Hint: He's my Dad:)!<3

In this video I celebrate the way my love of justice and the work I do on its behalf, *and* my love of poetry dovetail to create my crazy beautiful life. Enjoy!

Here's a bit more about my business:

I offer two services: 1) I help the college bound teens of busy parents write extraordinary college entrance essays and 2) I provide perceptive leaders with creative diversity and inclusion facilitation. Let's connect at treasure@femininepronoun.com.

Also, Let's partner to bring an incredible, interactive and informative presentation to your group for Black History Month.
View this whole series HERE.