The Feminine Pronoun Series N. 27: Teachers Will Save the World


I work with perceptive school leaders who want their teachers to understand Diversity and Inclusion & seek the confidence and classroom results that knowledge produces.

I was invited to talk with the dynamic faculty at the Times2 STEM Academy in Providence, Rhode Island. My presentation was followed by a fantastic walk through the evolving Federal Hill neighborhood. I was treated to the warmth of the Dominican and Puerto Rican majority community and I got to see what excellent school leadership (that respects the community) looks like up close. Go Dr. Carrie McWilliams!

Check out the video here:


The TOP 5 Ways Faculty Can Support Student Activists

You want to jump up and shout because the students on your campus or the individuals in your community are calling out structural bias and even protesting, organizing, and making real headway against it.   Or you’re wondering what the hell is going on. Either way the young people need …